This is a poem from one of “my girls” in jail.


I lost my house, I lost my car, and I almost lost my life. I lost it all.  I had to fall down on my face to see why it all took Your place.

I was wrong.  I didn’t know, until I saw You were gone.  I’m sorry I put You last.

I am at a stop in my life.  I’ve got to see where to go from here.  Why? …  I’m sorry I put You last.

I’ve got to fix my life.  I can’t do this alone.  I love You too much to lose You.  I won’t turn back.  I will start new.  I will start a new list.  I’m sorry I put you last.

I had to let it all go.  I don’t want or need it in my life.  I will let God love me, and never put Him last again.

He’s first.  He’s best.  He’s on my list… but He’s not last.

By Pam Q.  5/28/15