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This was written by one of “my girls” who gave her life to Jesus Christ while she was in jail.  You can read her testimony here.  I love this story, because of her humble heart and willingness to be obedient in a situation where most of us would have probably ignored God’s prompting and had a long list of rationalizations.  I am so blessed to count this beautiful young woman as a friend.


I was working as a hostess at a restaurant.  It was late, and we had three tired servers and one sleepy hostess, me.  We were just finishing up with the late night rush, and we were relieved that the flow of people was finally over.

Then a large group walked in. They pointed to a large, round booth that they wanted to sit at.  It was open and clean, so I had no reason to object.  I seated them and let them know their server would be with them shortly.

Then I went and told the server she had another group.  She became very irritated that I sat them there, because it was on the far side of her section, and because it was a large booth that is hard to clean up after.  She yelled and cursed at me, and threatened me, saying “You better not ever do that again.”

After she walked away, I became angry.  I was accused of making a mistake that I didn’t feel I had made.  I resented what she said to me, and how she said it.  I was angry that she was so disrespectful and ugly to me, and my heart was hard toward her.

As I went back to the hostess stand, I noticed the server I was so angry at had several dirty tables in her section.  Cleaning tables was not part of my responsibility as a hostess, but I felt God prompt me to help her by cleaning the tables for her.  But instead of listening, I talked to God and told Him “No.  I’m mad at her, and I want to stay mad.”

After all, I had a right to be made, didn’t I?  But I continued to feel God’s prompting, and I continued to talk with Him.  He reminded me of how much I was forgiven, and He reminded me that I need to forgive others.  It took a few minutes, but I finally chose to surrender to God.  I went and began cleaning the tables of the server I so desperately wanted to stay angry with.

As I cleaned those tables, God began to lift the anger, resentment and hurt I wanted to hold on to.  And as God worked in me, I was even able to pray for the server.

The server never responded to my actions, but that was ok.  In the end, it didn’t matter what she had just done to me.  He humbled me.  My heart was right with Jesus.  Our Lord had something greater for me to do.  Forgive.