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This is Dana’s third “Letter to God”.  What a privilege to read these intimate letters to God.  I am blessed that she is willing to share these with me, and allow them to be on the blog.  Here is her first letter and her second letter.


Dear God,

Lord, I woke up this morning really tired, but in good spirits and ready to embrace the day.  My days have been pretty normal, but as its gone on I’ve seemed to “loose steam” so to speak.  I have had a loss of energy, I can’t concentrate and for lack of a better phrase, I have no spirit in my soul.  Normally by now I’ve written my letter to You and prayed to You, but I’ve justified putting it off as “it’s okay to skip a day”.  But as I was lying there in a funk, it occurred to me, maybe my lack of energy is in direct relation to the fact that I haven’t taken any time to connect with my Maker.  I haven’t set aside any time to glorify my God or thank You in any way.  But as I’ve learned, my life can’t bear fruit without Your help.  Which reminds me of that very common sign outside of restaurants and stores that reads “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service”.  So it hits me Lord Jesus that the same applies to You – “No Prayer, No Praise, No Progress”.  So I humbly take this time now to say thanks to You Lord for another day and that You for answering and hearing my prayers.  Also Lord, thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to comfort me in my times of loneliness which can be often in here due to multiple daily lockdowns for hours on end in my 8.5 x 5.5 foot cinder block abode.  But with You by my side, I fear not.

But my Lord, I ask that You pay special close attention to my beautiful friend, pod-mate and spiritual mentor.  For I feel she has something heavy weighing on her heart and she may just need to fall apart at Your feet sweet Jesus.  Usually when we talk, her deep, dark brown eyes pierce my soul and give me comfort.  Normally when I sit across from her and look into her eyes I can feel them traveling to the very depths of my heart and the depths of all that I truly am to listen, to counsel, and then in her own wonderful way offer her sweet words of advice and encouragement.  But last night as well as today O Lord when I looked into those same eyes, searching for her guidance and light, instead I saw only sadness and despair.  I sense that she’s carrying a cross that may be too much for her tired shoulders to bear and it may be time for You to carry it for her.  I know she’s strong.  Strong in faith, strong in devotion, strong in heart.  But she’s also human and forgets that it is alright for You to be strong for her.  So please Jesus, search her soul, search her heart and her mind and take away whatever may be plaguing her beautiful spirit.  Please Jesus, put the shine back in her eyes and whisper in her ear “you are greatly LOVED”!

I know in You all things are possible and I also know and have begun to take comfort in the idea that You have a perfect plan designed just for me and that if I wait patiently You will execute that plan.  Which with every day that passes has started to excite me and arouse my childish curiosity.  Thank You Lord for Your faith in me and for my ever-growing faith in You.  Thank You Lord for this happiness in my heart and smile on my face, for You really work in mysterious ways!

In Jesus name, Amen.

All my soul,