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“Tell Them” by Pam Quesada

My Father sent me to die for them
Tell them I’m real, I do not lie
He wants to heal them from their broken lives
That’s why God send me, that’s why I’m here

He is here to save all who will follow
Help them carry their cross, it isn’t that hard
If they would just ask, sit down and pray to me
Come follow me, trust in me, it’s not a hard task

He is here, He is real, He won’t let you go
Through what you cannot bear
God will help you get through the fear
Because He loves you, because He cares

Tell them to turn away from sin
He will help them to win
They will have a chance to live again
And live in eternity with Him in heaven

These are my people, tell them I care
Tell them I’m real
I want to show them my love
That comes from my Father up above

I don’t know how to pray or what to say
I’m lost and confused
Because I’ve been used and abused
I try not to cry because I cannot hold on to this lie

I’m sick and hurt, I feel so gray
I just want to run away
I’ve got to trust, then I’ll know what to say
And I will find my way

I’ve tried and I’ve tried, I still don’t know why
I’m so lost and confused, I feel empty inside

I know you love me
I know you care Lord
I want to be filled with you love
And let you come to rest in my heart

“I love you my child
And if I didn’t care, you wouldn’t be here
I will bless you, you will see
All you have to do is believe in Me
And I, Jesus Christ Your Lord, will set you free.”