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Here is Dana’s first Letter to God.

November 2014

Dear God,

Today’s been a good day and I want to thank you for that dear Lord!  I know that good days come from you, all good regardless of what form it takes come from you O Lord.  So I give glory to you my Jesus, in thanks for the blessing of not just another day of life but rather a happy day at that!  And let me just say Lord that this good day couldn’t have come at a better time.  For yesterday was a sad day for me and we both know it was full of hurt, disappointment and overall despair.  But you lifted my spirit with the beauty of today and it reminds me that you are listening O Lord to all my prayers and pleas.  It reminds me of your infinite power of all things including my once broken life.  It reminds me that good things come to those who wait and that all miracles need to be glorified no matter how big or small.  So I praise you Lord Jesus and give thanks and hope that you keep blessing me with more good days to come.

Lord Jesus I also want to thank you for loving me and continuing to guide me with the Holy Spirit to your perfect plan you have made just for me.  I want to thank you for putting my heart at ease because we both know that yesterday was anything but peaceful for me inside.  But since I’ve woken up today I’ve experienced nothing but peace in my heart and both joy and laughter in my soul.  Thank you dear Lord for putting good people around me to inspire my Christian devotion.  Thank you for putting loving people around me to care for me, laugh with me and restore the idea that there are still good, honest, beautiful people in this world.  So I give thanks for all of them, that they may continue to follow you and that you may continue to bless them.

I thank you again Lord Jesus for all your love, understanding and everlasting patience for me.  Jesus I know that with you and in you all things are possible.  So I give it all to you my God, to sort it out for me and make it right for me.  I have faith that when you are ready and I am ready you will deliver me down the path of your perfect plan for me.  So I will continue to give you glory and be patient in your everlasting love and wisdom for what’s right for me and my life.  I love you Lord Jesus.  And I think you for this second chance at life!  Glory be to God!  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

All my soul,