When you look at the bud of a flower, it is just a tight little green wad.  It isn’t particularly pretty, but it has the potential to be extraordinarily beautiful.

While the bud is closed, you have no idea what that flower is going to look like.  Will it be fairly plain, or will it be impossibly intricate?  Will it have lots of small petals, or a few big ones?  What color will it be?  No two are alike, but all are beautiful because all are God’s handiwork.

I am always amazed at watching God work in the lives of the women in jail.  And somehow, in that dark, difficult place, it just seems to magnify the beauty of His work.

When Jesus Christ waters a heart with His love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness… and when He fertilizes that heart with the hope that is only available through Him, there is nothing that compares to watching that bud open up to reveal the beautiful flower contained inside.

Watching someone who has never known what hope is meet the Author of Hope is an experience that I treasure.  Words will never do it justice.  Watching God breathe life into someone is an unimaginable privilege and joy, and I am so thankful and humbled that God sometimes allows me to witness His work.