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 My Mommy taught me to trust my Daddy
My Daddy tells me to always call on Him
No matter what I do, as long as I confess
My Daddy will always love me

If I fall down, He picks me up
If I trip, He catches me
If I slip, He pulls me up
My Daddy loves me

My Daddy cuddles with me inside my heart
With His Holy Spirit, I want to be like Him
Even when I’m bad, or even when I’m sad
He holds me close, I feel safe

He doesn’t lie, He suffered for me, and He died for me
He’s there for me, in my days, and blesses me
He’s there for me, in my night, and holds me
He’s there for me, in my dreams and shows His plan for me

 I am His Princess because He’s my King
I rejoice in His glory, I fall to my knees
I bow down to the Lord Jesus Christ
And worship and sing praises to Him
He is Mercy and Grace and fills me with Peace

My Daddy, My Daddy, I jump in His lap
I tell Him I’m sorry Lord, I have to confess
He says, “I know child, that’s why I’m here.
So do not fear and don’t shed a tear
For I am with you.
Your Daddy is here!”