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A poem from my dear friend Audrey.

I FAILed to learn… UNTIL

I FAILed at talking
Until I learned to talk
I FAILed at walking
Until I learned to walk

I kept on “FAIL-ing” forward
and through seasons of failure
although I thought I ‘d never stop failing
I found out that failure is how I grow
– in physical strength
– in mental acuity
– in spiritual stamina

However, in the midst of my “FAILs”, sometimes I lose sight of truth

The truth is:
my sinful nature predisposes me to fail and separates me from God and others
my pride leads me and keeps me in failure and sin
without God the truth is not in me and I “FAIL”

BUT the truth is:
God desires that I know the Gospel … the Good News … The Truth!

Because Jesus came to earth and lived … I know what it looks like to
do the will of the Father
submit to His will
to love God and to love others
and I know I’m not capable of doing that myself

Because Jesus died willingly for my sin … I know what it looks like to
give up all that I hold dear
love others until it kills me
and I know I’m not capable to doing that myself

Because Jesus rose again, His body intact … I know that
if I believe God … if I’m obedient … I too will rise again
God will put His glory on me so that others can come to know Him
and I know that I’m not capable of doing that myself

My “FAILures” leads me to God!
The One who tells me I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me
The Only One who gives me Good News – the Gospel
The Very One who gives me life

The Power of Christ in Me!