God has helped me through some problems I was encountering which has made my faith grow. So, I can tell my testimony of how much love, peace and joy God can add to their life.  I will do it.  I can do it.  I will be a large stepping stone for the Lord.

Sometimes we have to intervene for a loved one or a situation in prayer, or be a stepping stone for someone else’s struggles or healing.  Please Lord let me help the hindered and through You love help them have victory in their walk of life. I want to be the stepping stone for my Father’s glory.

I will lift up my brothers and sisters in the Lord. For He will save His people, and heal and deliver them.  The victory is ours in the Lord.  We will endure and receive perseverance from all the hardships and hopelessness, and come out a champion from your ordeal.  All the glory goes to our God.  Halleluiah!

Use me Lord as Your stepping stone to help Your believers see what abundant life You have for them. Bless me Lord to be an overcomer and triumph over all my circumstances of my life as You use me as Your stepping stone.

Oh Lord, I love You. Come use me.  Oh Lord, I need You.  I want to help You.  Let me see what You want me to see.  Show me where You want me to live.  So Your living water flows.  I’m a stone, a small rock You will never leave alone.  You just lay me where You need me.  I trust You to use me, and bless me as I do Your work.  I want to be Your stepping stone.  I’m not a pebble.  I’m not a boulder.  But I want to be Your stepping stone.  I’m sort, but strong by Your loving grace.  I know You have mercy on me Lord.  I want to be Your stepping stone.  I don’t know who I will help, but it’s for Your glory my sweet Lord.  But as long as You use me Lord, as Your stepping stone.