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I am frequently humbled as I see the faith of some of the women I serve in jail, and their love for Christ.  I stopped by my ministry post office box on the way to church this morning, and would like to share some bits and pieces of a letter that I received from Christina, one of “my girls”.

It amazes me, the genuine grace that the Lord has given me, as I continue to grow in my spiritual walk. … I never thought I could channel all my hurt and anger into something positive.  I really never knew that I could feel content under these circumstances. … I’ve been here eight months, and yet it seems like I’m not imprisoned at all.  Yes, I’m restricted in many ways… and my life at this time is the same in my general day to day activities.  However… mentally, emotionally and spiritually I’m more alive and free than I have ever felt in my whole entire life.  I have hope!  Women from the other pods have told me that I have “a peace about myself” and it gives me so much joy to tell them I get that from the Lord.  I cry happy tears, because finally someone has kept a promise.  That someone is the Lord.

I’ve seen so much in my life, and I’ve been hurt so deeply, but none of it compares to the sorrow He suffered for us when He was crucified.  And the love that God has filled my heart up with has removed the hurt that was once there.  I’ve learned so much, and yet I’ve got so much more to learn.

I feel very lonely at times, since I’ve begun to truly walk with the Lord.  I have come to realize that most people who claim to be Christians only do just that.  Claim it.  SO many of them are not walking and living it.  For me, Christianity is not a title, or a religion.  Christianity, for me, is a way of life.  A new way of life.  A constant growing inside of me, and I truly desire to please God.  It’s hard to do this when I become frustrated, but my desire still grows.  This way of life, in my heart and mind, is about love and loyalty.  Love and loyalty, in my heart and mind, are the two very things that Jesus is and always has been.  Everything else He is, and has been, stems from His love and His loyalty.  Forgive me if I’m out of line for saying this, but being a Christian is hard.  It’s painful at times too.  It’s worth it though.  I stand firm, and God is worth it.

What an honor and blessing to serve Jesus Christ!  I am SO thankful He put me “in jail”!  I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  And these women think I come in to teach them!  HA!  What a joke that is.  I stand in humble amazement as I get to watch God transform lives, and women begin to walk in a faith that is beautiful and also deeply convicting.  Could I experience that joy and peace if I were in her position?

If you feel led, please lift Christina in prayer.